Twitter’s Most Hilarious Reactions To Steven Mnuchin’s Photo Shoot With A Batch Of Money

by Tod Perry

November 16, 2017

Donald Trump’s secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin, is a former Goldman Sachs banker and Hollywood financier who’s been criticized for appearing out of touch with the average American. His wife, Louise Linton, was chastised for an Instagram post of herself exiting a private jet, where she tagged all of the designers she was wearing. The Mnuchins are worth over $500 million. 

Mnuchin has also been criticized for requesting to use military jets for non-governmental travel. He went so far as to ask for a military jet to take him and Linton on a European honeymoon but later rescinded the request.

On Nov. 15, Mnuchin and his wife appeared for a photo shoot celebrating the first batch of money to bear his signature at the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing. The photos showed a leather-gloved Linton making seemingly seductive faces while Mnuchin gave a half-impressed smirk. 

Given the couple’s reputation for being ostentatious, the photos of them with large sheets of newly printed cash was a tone-deaf move that prompted some hilarious responses on social media. 

Share image via Associated Press/YouTube.

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