Tech, media, design, arts, politics—no matter your industry or gig of choice, your career trajectory is like nothing the American workforce has seen before. Here you are, following your passion, and winging it as best you can. From internship to entrepreneurship, permalancing to Etsy crafting—whatever it is, you’re borrowing, earning and managing money differently than past generations. Which means knowing how best to save, spend, and even give are major questions that require new answers.

To help you sort it all out, we are launching GOOD Money, a destination to help you shape your financial future at every step as you move from the haze of student debt toward the horizon of retirement. We are here to help the young and ambitious understand what the world of money is going to look like in the years ahead.

To do that, we will provide financial insight from those succeeding in the way we all aspire to. From designers to actors, entrepreneurs to philanthropists and educators, we will tap thought-leaders and change-makers to explore how they are making their money, paying their loans and putting their financial muscles to good use.

We are here to provide you, our readers, with the often small but meaningful solutions you can implement in your daily lives and help you make the most of your money to both live well and do good.